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The A to Z of Our Range

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Herbs & Spices A-Z

‘A’ is for Allspice, ‘B’ is for Basil Leaf and, well, you get the picture. We have all the Herbs and Spices you’ve ever heard of and some you haven’t!

Seasoning Blends

MasterFoods blends has taken out the guess work and blended the very best herb & spice combinations to make meals easy, tasty and exciting! They’re a delicious way to add flavour to your favourite meat and veg!


The simple things are often the best! MasterFoods Lemon Butter or Promite on fresh bread or toast is no exception. Our Lemon Butter is also scrumptious in tarts, cakes and pastries. While Promite can be dissolved in soups, casseroles or gravy for an added burst of savoury flavor.