Your Questions Answered

Can I import your products?

FAQ_Can I import your products?

Yes you can. Contact our Consumer Care team for details.

What is MasterFoods doing to become a more sustainable company?

FAQ_What is MasterFoods doing to become sustainable?

At Mars Food Australia, our approach to environmental sustainability is focused on reducing, recycling and reusing wherever possible. 

Do you use cage eggs?

FAQ_Do you used caged eggs?

At this time, we source a combination of local cage-farmed, barn and free range eggs for our products. Our supplier maintains the high industry standards for animal farming practices, and aims to over-deliver on those standards wherever possible.  

How do I know if your products have allergens in them like gluten, nuts or dairy?

FAQ_How do I know if you're products have allergens?

The label will indicate if the product you have contains allergens, our product pages on this website will also contain the information you need. If you’re still worried please contact our Consumer Care team. 

Is MasterFoods Australian Made?

FAQ_Is MasterFoods Australian Made?

MasterFoods is an Australian brand and its products are made by more than 300 people on the NSW Central Coast. 

I live in New Zealand and can’t find one of the products listed in the product section of your website?

FAQ_Where can I find your products in New Zealand?

Not all MasterFoods products are available in New Zealand - please contact our Consumer Care team on 0800 442 216.

Are MasterFoods Products Halal Certified?


Mars Food Australia manufacture quality food products that aim to satisfy the needs of all consumers. Our products are manufactured in Australia primarily for our domestic market. Some of our products are now being exported to many countries around the world. Halal Certification has been gained to meet the collective needs of the global marketplace in which our products can be marketed.

What do the symbols on the mustard jars mean?

FAQ_What do the symbols on your mustard jars mean?

The symbols on our mustard jars represent the countries of our original mustard range:
America - Bald Eagle
Australia - Kangaroo
England - Crowned Lion
France  - Fleur-de-Lys
Germany - White Tailed Eagle

Where are your tomatoes sourced from?

FAQ_Where are Tomatoes Sourced?

The Tomatoes that are found in MasterFoods products are sourced from Australia however to maintain consistent supply of products we also source from California when needed. 

Is MasterFoods owned by an American company?

FAQ_Is MasterFoods American Owned?

As part of Mars Food Australia, the Masterfoods brand is independently owned by the Mars family who live in the United States of America. All MasterFoods products are made in Australia on the Central Coast in NSW.  

What do I do if there is something wrong with my product?

FAQ_What do I do if there is something wrong with my product?

Contact one of our friendly Consumer Care team. 

I can’t find the product I’m looking for in store. What should I do?

FAQ_What should I do if I can't find the product I want?

Contact our friendly Consumer Care team for assistance.

Do your products include MSG?

FAQ_Do you products include MSG?

We do not add MSG to any of our products.

Do you have information on donations or sponsorships?

FAQ_Do you have information on donations?

Please send your donation request to  Please include the name of your organisation, contact person and phone number, the date of your event and a delivery address (no PO Boxes).  Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks.

Are your products suitable for Vegan or vegetarian?

carrots out of ground copy.jpg (1)

Please contact our friendly Consumer Care team who will be happy to assist you.

How can I work for MasterFoods?

FAQ_How can I work for MasterFoods?

Please click on this link.

Are your products available online?

FAQ_Are your products available online?

Not from our website but they can be purchased from all major grocery retailers such as Woolworths.

I work in Food service and would like to use your products. Where can I buy them?


Log on to for details on all of our Food Service products.

I love the limited edition products, where did they go?

FAQ_limited Edition Products

MasterFoods Limited Editions are only on shelves for a 12 month period. Perhaps we shall bring your favorite back very soon! 

Where are most of your ingredients sourced from?

FAQ_Where are your Ingredients Sourced from?

Our ingredients are carefully sourced, many of the ingredients we use are farmed right here in Australia however to ensure a sustainable supply and the best quality ingredients, we must also look abroad.  

My <strong>Squeeze-On</strong> sauce doesn’t squeeze properly, what should I do?

Tomato Sauce Squeeze-on 14g.jpg

Please contact our friendly Consumer Care team for assistance.

I have an idea for a new product, how should I let you know?

FAQ_I have a new Product idea

We’d love to hear about your ideas! Please send them to our Customer Care and we’ll pass them onto our Research and Development team here in Australia.

Do you pay tax in Australia ?

FAQ_Do you have information on donations?

Mars Food deliver healthy earnings here in Australia and pay our fair share of tax, in turn contributing to education, hospitals and infrastructure.